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Volunteer Opportunities

We invite our parents to become involved in the life of St. Dominic Savio by attending school events, and volunteering within the school.  Our school is a busy, dynamic place, and we encourage parents to become part of the community.  Watch the school Eagle Weekly Newsletter and school calendar for announcements about the numerous events that parents enjoy attending. The Diocese of Austin requires an Ethics In Ministry (EIM) certification for any volunteer activity involving children. Please find your EIM certification details here.

We need your help!

The following events need volunteers throughout the year:  Parent Fall Class Gatherings, Grandparents Day, Weekly Mass Sacristan, the Savio Soirée, Teacher Appreciation, Family Rosary, St. Dominic Feast Day Celebration, Class Events, Class Retreats, Imago Christi Day of Service, International Food Day, Concessions for Booster Sales, Football Gate Check-in for Booster Club, Team Parents for Athletics, Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities, Build the Nest Annual Appeal, and Admission Welcome Events.

Savio faculty and staff need your help! Please sign up to assist with the Parent Association for school events or the Booster Club for Athletic events. If you have any questions about signing up, click on "contact" in the sign-up tool or email the Parent Association President directly. 

Parent Volunteering Needed

The following opportunities need volunteers to assist with specific events every year. Please reach out to the following organizations for more detailed information.

Savio Parent Association


Booster Club


Library Assistance