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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campus.  Each student is required to have a device that meets the Acceptable Device Requirements as outlined in the year they enrolled in St. Dominic Savio, to access the Wi-Fi Network, be able to read, create and edit in Google Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 products and install any required programs. Before making any device purchases, please review our Device Requirements.

Acceptable Device Requirements

Which device should you select?


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Technology Policies

All students are assigned a Savio G Suite for Education account and are expected to comply with the policies outlined in the document below. 

G Suite for Education Responsible Use Policy 

For additional Technology and Internet Use Policies, please refer to our Student Handbook located in our Parent-Student Handbook. 

Parent-Student Handbook

Technology Tools

Microsoft Office 365

Use your Savio student email and password to install Office 365 for free. All students receive a free download, that is required on your device. Learn more about Office 365 for Education by clicking below.

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G Suite for Education

All teachers create a Google Classroom to post announcements, assignments, documents, weblinks and grades for students and parents to access or view. This learning management system helps students keep up with classroom activities and submit assignments digitally. Learn more about G Suite for Education.

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Utilizing G Suite for Education and Office 365

To provide students with access to current technology applications and free tools designed for collaboration with other students and teachers.

To give students the ability to work on their documents both in school and at home - anytime and anywhere from any Internet-connected device.

To help students work collaboratively, engage in peer-editing of documents, and publish for a wider audience within the school community.

To facilitate the“paperless” transfer of work between students and teachers.

To provide adequate long-term storage space for student work.

Setting Up Your Device

Steps to make sure your device is ready for use.

  1. Select an acceptable device as dictated by the Acceptable Device Requirements. (If you have an iPad skip to #4.)

  2. Set up an administrator user account on your device with your Savio Username and login as that user to complete the steps. 

  3. Install and activate an anti-virus software.

  4. Install Office 365.

  5. Enroll your device in the Savio MDM program.

  6. Verify the Wifi Network is on your device.

  7. Verify Windows 10 version 1809 or greater is installed by clicking on the Start button and typing "winver". If a lower version is installed, run Windows updates to get the latest version.

Technology in our Classrooms

Students use a variety of software programs in the classrooms. Learn more about a few common types below. 

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