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Through technical training, problems solving, and teamwork, the goal of the technology department is to teach students use various technologies, adapt to emerging technologies, and be prepared and equipped to confront the challenges we face in the 21st century. Technology has such an impact on our lives, and we strive to prepare students to be conscientious, collaborative, and creative in their use of technology. In our courses, students will:

  • Understand the scope of technology
  • Learn computer terminology
  • Explore emerging technologies and learn how to adapt to new technologies
  • Understand the ethical and social issues technology creates
  • Become aware of how technology affects our daily lives and the decisions we make
  • Explore various technological fields of study
  • Develop good communication skills, work effectively with a team, adhere to deadlines, and give confident presentations
  • Develop and foster their creativity through different disciplines within the technology field


  Name Title
Sylvia Wood Wood, Sylvia Technology Dept Chair, Computer Science Instructor