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Play Like A Champion

Dear Parents,

In 2013, St. Dominic Savio partnered with Play Like A Champion Today developed by the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame. The Play Like A Champion Today Character Education Through Sports Initiative, is a national coach and parent educational series designed specifically to elevate Catholic high school sports programs.

Play Like A Champion Today incorporates all the stakeholders in Catholic education – athletic administrators, coaches, parents, and athletes. The goal is for all members of a school community to work together to make sports at Savio the spiritual and character-building experience that it is meant to be. The bottom line: athletes receiving the benefits of the best that Catholic sports have to offer.

Savio hosts a mandatory Parent Like A Champion Today workshop for parents a couple of times a year. This is required for all parents of Savio athletes and is different from the middle school program as it is tailored to fit the needs of our high school. The workshop includes an in-depth examination of expectations in sports programs here at Savio. Parents receive resources that will help them contribute to building a positive culture that is the focus of both Savio and the Play Like A Champion programs. Parents will also receive practical guidance on how they can help their children to form habits of perseverance, sound decision-making, teamwork, good nutrition, and regular exercise.


Athletes receiving the benefits of the best that Catholic sports have to offer.