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Parent FAQs



1. What are the school office hours?

Front office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

2. When is weekly Mass?

Mass is usually every Wednesday from 9:50 AM to 10:50 AM except for Feast Days and special Masses which may occur on a different day and time that week.   Please refer to the school calendar.

3. When is dismissal time?

Dismissal depends on the schedule. Please refer to the bell schedule for more information.

4. When is the lunch period?

Lunchtime depends on the schedule of the day. Please refer to the bell schedules above. For lunch ordering details, please refer to our Lunch Program page. 

5. When can I drop off a lunch or items for my student?

Families may drop off items for students during the school day. Please note, students will not be called to the office to retrieve items. Students and Parents are not permitted to order delivery food from off-campus businesses. Students are not permitted to leave campus for lunch. Refer to the handbook for additional Lunch Program information.

6. Can I have lunch with my student?

All lunch visitors must sign in the front office to obtain a pass and must be escorted by a Savio student or staff member. Savio Alumni and Savio immediate family members may only have lunch on campus with students with advance notification, and permission from the Assistant Principal or Principal. Refer to handbook here for more information.

7. Where can I find upcoming events and activities for the school?

Our school calendar stays updated with current information, and we also send a digital Eagle Weekly Bulletin each week, to the Savio community.

8. What are the school attendance policies for excused or unexcused absences?

The administration will make the determination whether an absence is excused or unexcused, a parent permission does not necessarily determine the status of an absence. Please refer to the handbook for more policies.

9. What are the school attendance policies for tardies?

When students are tardy to a class, they must go to the front office and request a tardy pass. A tardy without approved documentation (medical note, emergency) is considered unexcused. A classroom tardy occurs when a student is not present in the classroom when the bell rings. Tardies due to extreme weather or confirmed traffic issues may also be excused. Students with excessive tardies to the same class risk losing credit for that particular class.

Parents/guardians may notify the office of early morning tardiness in the following ways:

  1. A phone call from the parent/guardian to the front office (512-388-8846)
  2. Direct email to the by 9:00 AM
  3. In-person notification on the school premises


Families are to provide tardiness documentation to the office within two school days of the day of the tardy:

  1. Signed letter of explanation from the parent delivered to the office
  2. Signed notes or letters from an office or official either hand-delivered or faxed (512-388-1355) to the office

Please contact the Savio front office (512-388-8846) or refer to the handbook for any additional questions.