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The Savio Dance Team is a multifaceted varsity-level activity, with a focus on both Athletics and Fine Arts. Students are selected by audition only. The Dance Team practices at least three times a week, and dancers perform at basketball games, pep rallies, and other school functions throughout the year. Spirit jazz style choreography is used for ball games and rallies, and the choreographic style varies for other events. All dancers participate in regular team ballet, modern, and jazz technique classes. Every dancer is evaluated individually and given personal technique goals to pursue.

The Dance Team provides all dancers with active leadership development. Officers are carefully vetted and given real responsibility and increasingly higher levels of mentoring as befits their rank. Dance cultivates an active and purposeful focus on spiritual growth through dance discipline. The Dance Team enjoys many social activities, team building, school support events, and a formal annual service project.

Please contact Dance Team Director, Melissa Cybele,, for more information about the Savio Dance Team.

Dance Team 




Melissa Cybele — Director


  • 25+ years experience teaching dance, including ballet, modern, and jazz classes, dance team, dance competitions, and conventions
  • Sam Houston State University, BFA Dance, cum laude; danced in the most senior dance performance company
  • SHSU Dance Program Alumni President - 5 years
  • Retired professional dancer

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