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Staff Directory

  Name Title
Aylin Amore Amore, Aylin French Teacher
Sara Asbeck Asbeck, Sara Social Science Instructor
Niaz Azeez Azeez, Niaz Math Instructor
JoAnn Banda Banda, JoAnn English Instructor
Holly Bologna Bologna, Holly Director of Admission
Maria Busker Busker, Maria Math Instructor
Evie Cascarano Cascarano, Evie Coordinator of Gifts and Events
Julie Costas Costas, Julie English Dept Chairperson, Instructor
Timothy Cullen Cullen, Timothy President
Mary Beth Cunningham Cunningham, Mary Beth Front Office Administrative Assistant/Registrar
Alicia Derbez Derbez, Alicia Science Instructor
Alicia Derbez Derbez, Alicia Science Instructor
Sr. John Henry Eddyblouin Eddyblouin, Sr. John Henry Theology Instructor
Claudia Estrada Estrada, Claudia Spanish Instructor
Juan Flores Flores, Juan Engineering and Robotics Instructor
Miriam Fraga Fraga, Miriam Business Services Coordinator
Gian Gamboa Gamboa, Gian Director of Formation and Ministry
Marina Glava Glava, Marina Director of College and Career Guidance
Meghan Goertz Goertz, Meghan World Language Dept Chairperson, Latin Instructor, Servant Leadership
Patrick Goertz Goertz, Patrick Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction
Angelita Guzman Guzman, Angelita School Nurse
Mercedes Guzman Guzman, Mercedes Spanish Teacher
Danielle Herridge Herridge, Danielle Science Instructor
Alanna Heyl Heyl, Alanna Theology Dept Chairperson, Theology Instructor
Jack Janecek Janecek, Jack Math Instructor
Jaclyn Johnson Johnson, Jaclyn Part-Time Choir Teacher
Danna Kelemen Kelemen, Danna Director of Admin. Services
Gina Kerley Kerley, Gina Director of Advancement
Matthew Killingsworth Killingsworth, Matthew Social Sciences Instructor
Pamela Koo Koo, Pamela Science Dept Chairperson, Science Instructor
Susan Laielli Laielli, Susan Director of Communications
Phi Le Le, Phi Theology Instructor
Sini Marcks Marcks, Sini English Instructor
Mendy McLaughlin McLaughlin, Mendy Director of Guidance
Joyce Mink Mink, Joyce Theatre Production Director
Chris Molinar Molinar, Chris Director of Technology
John Moya Moya, John Science Instructor
Brian Murphy Murphy, Brian Social Science Instructor
Michele Nash Nash, Michele Admission Assistant
Roxana Neal Neal, Roxana Administrative Asst. to the Principal
Lan Nguyen Nguyen, Lan Business Manager
Jonithan Pendergrass Pendergrass, Jonithan Director of Facilities
Diane Powell Powell, Diane Librarian
Celeste Robbins Robbins, Celeste Fine Arts Dept Chairperson, Art and Photography Instructor
Jenna Sommer Sommer, Jenna Theology Instructor
Ronnie Stanford Stanford, Ronnie Director of Music
Louise Swain Swain, Louise Athletic Director
Tina Uebersax Uebersax, Tina Social Science Dept Chairperson, Social Science Instructor
Phong Vu Vu, Phong Assistant Principal
Sr. Peter Grace Weber Weber, Sr. Peter Grace English Instructor
Annemarie Weis Weis, Annemarie SLS Instructor
Paul Winkeler Winkeler, Paul Math Dept Chairperson, Math Instructor
Sylvia Wood Wood, Sylvia Technology Dept Chair, Computer Science Instructor