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Savio Podcast

Christian Outreach is happy to share with the Savio community our very own podcast, WITNESS, which highlights the service and leadership of our students, faculty, and staff and provides exciting service opportunities. Tune in every month to get inspired!


Beginning with Volume 2, these podcasts will be available for download from Soundcloud.  Click here to visit Savio's Soundcloud page and take WITNESS with you!


Volume 2, Episode 3:

Join us in a conversation about service with Luke A, a freshman, who was the leader of the most recent school-wide service project, gathering school supplies for those in Louisiana, whose schools were robbed and flooded. We learn about his past with service and his idea on his future with service!

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Volume 2, Episode 2:

Join us in a conversation with Junior Andrew as we hear about his service in an animal hospital in China and some reconstruction work in New Orleans. We hear about his passion for service and his call to help others feel the same passion.

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Volume 2, Episode 1:

Join us for this episode to learn about the experiences of serving at Mass during COVID-19, with special guests Tim O, Ben S, Veronika K, and Eva Z. We hear about how they give their time to their church communities and how it is different during a global pandemic. We also hear about their experiences before and why they serve!

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Volume 1, Episode 3:

Christian Outreach joins with Mr. McCredie to discuss how service has played an active role in his life and how his actions for others go hand-in-hand with his faith. We also discuss how we can be servants of others during quarantine- and what it means to integrate God’s will for us every day.

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Volume 1, Episode 2:

Matthew, a political activist and senior sits down and shares about his experience as a social media strategist for March For Our Lives, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing gun violence.

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Volume 1, Episode 1:

Kristen, a junior, describes her passion for serving the elderly as the founder of the club Young At Heart.

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