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Seniors of the Week!

November 02, 2021
By Katherine Mackowski

Julia is always willing to help others without being asked. She was recently seen helping another student with math. Julia was extremely helpful and patient while teaching another student a difficult math concept. If the student didn't understand the way Julia was teaching, Julia would try and teach it to the student another way.

Noah is a great peer tutor and has been a very helpful member of the Savio Robotics team. He is very enthusiastic about the design of the robot and has spent many hours designing and modeling the robot to get it just right.



Seniors of the Week!

October 18, 2021
By Katherine Mackowski

Our Senior Girl of the Week is Virginia! She is so sweet and willing to help whenever you need it. She is intuitive and values peer relationships. She helped with the Sophomore Retreat last year and she worked well with the other students and made sure everyone was heard and included.

Our Senior Boy of the Week is Evan! He is an awesome leader on the Iron Eagles robotics team and is also a great House Leader for Leo. He engages with other students and tries to motivate everyone, even the new freshman on the Robotics team and in Leo House. He works with integrity and patience and exhibits the qualities of a servant leader, both in and out of the classroom.



Seniors of the Week!

August 30, 2021
By Katherine Mackowski

Sarah is constantly helping in the library. She is also always helping students and teachers and finding ways to make things better at Savio. She is diligent with her studies and prepared for every class. She is a joy to have in the classroom.

Anthony has been incredibly helpful around Savio for the past two weeks. He was able to load and fix the laminating machine, found equipment that had been lost for over a year, and then spent time working on the equipment to bring it back to working order.



Summer Assignments

June 08, 2021
By Patrick Goertz

Some classes (particularly English courses) require assignments for students to complete over the summer. Please find your classes on this document to see if there are any required assignments. Please contact your teacher directly if you have any questions.

This Week's Seniors of the Week

April 19, 2021
By Katherine Mackowski

Our Senior Girl of the Week is Sara!  Sara is so kind. She is always ready with a smile and stops to ask how her classmates are doing. She is a valuable member of Christian Outreach. Sara is a quiet leader who leads with grace and an awareness for others.

Our Senior Boy of the Week is Clancy!  Clancy is engaged in class and always does his best academically. He is always willing to help a classmate who might be struggling. He is kind to others and respectful to his teachers.

Seniors of the Week!

April 12, 2021
By Katherine Mackowski

Our Senior Girl of the Week is Amy G! Amy is always ready to lend a hand, and she usually does it without having to be asked. She is intuitive and great at being a student ambassador for Mrs. Bologna. She gives 100% to her academic endeavors and is kind to all.

Our Senior Boy of the Week is Anthony. He is always responsible and studious with his assignments. He is a valuable part of the TIM Team and is always willing to help others. He gives 100% effort in all that he does.

Seniors of the Week!

March 29, 2021
By Katherine Mackowski

Our Senior Girl of the Week Hannah is amazing! She is involved in many organizations at Savio and has always been super involved during her time at Savio. She is a valuable part of the TIM team and Adoration Band where she sings and plays multiple instruments. She is helpful and kind to everyone. 

Our Senior Boy of the Week Jose was the lead this year for Imago Christi Day at Savio and did a fantastic job. He is engaging in class and a vital part of Christian Outreach. He works hard at everything he does and always has a positive outlook to share with others.

Savio Soiree

March 04, 2021
By Katherine Mackowski

Join us on April 10th for the Savio Soirée.  Click below to RSVP and reserve your seats today!  You can also make a donation or purchase a sponsorship!

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