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Ethics & Integrity in Ministry

St. Dominic Savio complies with the Diocese of Austin policies regarding Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM). The following information comes from the Diocese of Austin website, Ethics and Integrity in Ministry Office

On January 1, 2002, the Catholic Diocese of Austin instated policies on Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM).  EIM compliance is required of all clergy, religious, seminarians, diocesan employees, parish and Catholic school employees, and laypersons who volunteer in ministry with minors or vulnerable adults, or in any ministry, program, or organization that serves youth or vulnerable adults in any manner, or functions at a time and place where they are typically present. To be compliant, one submits an EIM Application for Ministry (one time only) and attends an EIM Workshop every three years.

Please note the requirement of EIM certification prior to volunteering at our school.  Our diocese does not use training completed in other dioceses, so you will need to complete the EIM process for the Diocese of Austin (application and training, which is online at this time). We appreciate your cooperation to help us keep our community safe. 

Beginning January 1, 2021, the Online EIM Training fulfills the EIM compliance/training requirement only for applicants who have an existing EIM account and have previously attended an in-person EIM Workshop. To renew online, please follow the instructions using the following links: or 

New applicants, and existing applicants who have never attended an EIM Workshop, must attend an in-person EIM Workshop to fulfill their initial EIM compliance requirement. If you are a new applicant who has submitted an EIM Application and needs to attend an EIM Workshop, contact your parish/school EIM site administrator regarding the status of an in-person EIM Workshop at your location. 

For questions about the process or the status of your current EIM account, contact our EIM Coordinator, Dr. Danna Kelemen by email or phone 512-388-8846, Ext. 5512.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting children and the vulnerable from preventable harm.