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Mission and Philosophy

OUR Mission

St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School is a co-educational college preparatory school founded by the Diocese of Austin to prepare young men and women to become faith filled, visionary and inspirational leaders in service to the Church and the world.

Our Philosophy

St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School expresses the Church's educational mission through faith formation, social development and awareness, and a strong academic program.  We seek:

  • to develop within the school a strong Theology program based on Catholic teachings, Scripture, liturgical experiences, and service so that each student will grow and develop in the Catholic Christian way of life
  • to facilitate the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of each student
  • to challenge students to become Christian leaders, living as young men and women of conscience, compassion, and action

Our Core Values

We hold firm to our core values, which define our identity and serve as the fundamental beliefs that guide the daily life of the school:  Faith, Scholarship, and Witness




Our Vision


The life of faith at St. Dominic Savio is central to our mission and our student experience. We strive to accomplish this by focusing on student-led ministry, building a culture of Christian Service, living a vibrant sacramental life and through a rigorous but inviting theology curriculum.