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St. Dominic Savio is accredited through the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops Education Department (TCCBED) and Cognia. Accreditation requirements guide our school in many facets, including the requirement that the TEKS curriculum standards that have been identified by Texas Education Agency serve as the minimum foundation for our curriculum.  In addition, the National Common Core standards serve as a resource for our academic departments.  AP courses comply with the requirements of the College Board. Theology teachers follow Diocesan curriculum in course objectives, with information provided by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops serving as a resource. Teachers incorporate these curriculum guidelines and resources into course content and assessment.

Course of Study

St. Dominic Savio has only one course of study, college preparatory — and all students meet the qualifications for a distinguished diploma.  In order to provide a quality educational experience, the school provides a wide variety of academic courses that meet diverse student interests. Accelerated students may qualify for Honors and AP courses in the subject areas of science, social science, English, mathematics, art, and/or computer science.  As students advance through their academic career, they can choose to concentrate on different areas of study, either in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Fine Arts, or the Humanities.  The different course offerings allow us to tailor our curriculum to the abilities and interests of our students.

Students may also choose from a variety of online study options. These include AVLI, ACC Dual Credit, Google Career Certification, or other programs of study that focus on their areas of interest.


Graduation Requirements

All students need 30 credits to graduate from St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School.  The courses required for graduation are:

English (4) credits  |  Fine Arts (1) credit  |  Servant Leader Seminar (1) credit  |  Mathematics  (4) credits  |  Physical Education (1) credit  |  Science (4) credits  |  Social Studies (4) credits  |  Theology (4) credits  |  World Languages (3) credits of the same language  |  Elective (4) credits


St. Dominic Savio offers a diverse array of electives in several different subject areas. These electives permit students to pursue specific interests in greater depth. Juniors and seniors are even able to collaborate with a faculty member to take an independent study course of their own design in a designated subject area. Find a complete list in the Course Guide. 


St. Dominic Savio offers Advanced Placement (AP) classes in a variety of subjects.  The Advanced Placement program was first offered in the United States as a way to bring challenging courses into high schools.  These classes are introductory college-level courses that are taught by certified high school teachers whose curriculum has been approved by College Board.  All courses are followed by an examination in May.  Students who successfully pass the class and exam can receive college credit.  The AP Program is run by College Board, which is a non-profit membership organization representing more than 6,000 colleges, universities, and schools that are committed to excellence and equity in education.  Their mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. Find out more about College Board.



List of honors and AP Courses

Computer Science
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Networking
English Department
Honors English I  
Honors English II
AP English Language
AP English Literature
Mathematics Department
Honors Algebra I
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra II
AP Pre-Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
Social Science Department 
AP World History
AP United States History
AP United States Government
AP Psychology
AP Human Geography
AP European History
AP Comparative Government
Fine Arts
AP 2-D Art
       Science Department
Honors Biology
AP Biology
Honors Chemistry
AP Chemistry
Honors Physics
AP Physics C Mechanics
AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism
World Language Department
Honors Spanish I
Honors Spanish II
Honors Spanish III
AP Spanish Language
Honors Latin I
Honors Latin II
Honors Latin III
Honors Latin IV
Honors French I
Honors French II
Honors French III

Course Guide

A Course Guide for St. Dominic Savio is produced annually and provides information for courses offered in each of the academic departments of:

Engineering, English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Technology, Theology, World Languages, Physical Education, and additional Electives

The Course Guide identifies all course titles, course descriptions, prerequisite courses, and credits awarded for successful completion of courses. 

2024-25 Course Guide 

2024-25 Course Guide Presentation