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A Message from the Principal

What I am Thankful for this Year at Savio

November 17, 2019
By Dr. Enrique Garcia

It's time to be thankful.

It’s the week before Thanksgiving, Eagles, and I have to say, we have so much to be thankful for at Savio. But what I am most thankful for, is the amazing group of Savio faithful who help make Savio a great place to be—my apologies in advance in the event I accidentally miss someone.

Teaching Faculty 

First and foremost, I am thankful for our faculty. Savio’s teaching faculty are amazing! They work hard in and out of the classroom, providing excellent instruction, building relationships and mentoring our students, and working with them as club sponsors and providing academic support. I am thankful for our faculty as well because they support each other professionally and personally. They pray for each other, help each other out, and look out for one another. Thank you, Savio Faculty.

Thank you, Savio Faculty!

Katie Artz, Niaz Azeez, Miguel Barrera, Yanli Cao, Julie Costas, Andrew Clem, JoAnn Dominguez, Ann Marie Girardot, Meghan Goertz, Danielle Herridge, Alanna Heyl, Chris Jameson, Sister Katherine Rose, Pam Koo, Austin McCredie, Christine Mitchell, Bea Pojman, Jessica Ochoa, Michelle Pish, Andrea Ramirez, Celeste Robbins, Doug Schneider, Louise Swain, Tina Uebersax, Sister Victoria Marie, Benedict Willey, Thomas Weis, Paul Winkeler, and Sylvia Wood.

It’s the week before Thanksgiving, Eagles, and I have to say, we have so much to be thankful for at Savio. But what I am most thankful for, Eagles, is the amazing group of Savio men and women who help make Savio a great place to be

Savio Staff

I am equally thankful for our Savio Staff. This amazing group of individuals makes sure that Savio runs like a well-oiled machine. They support our students, directly and indirectly, often-times behind the scenes, but their impact is felt throughout the Savio community. These folks work with parents and students to help bring in the students and the funds to keep Savio growing and thriving, and they help meet our students’ needs once they are on campus to ensure students and parents have a great Savio experience. If that were not enough, Savio staff also support our faculty. Without them, Savio would not be where it is today. Thank you, Savio Staff!

Thank you, Savio Staff!

Alpa Brannam, Holly Bologna, Evie Cascarano, Crystal Clark, Carmen Garza, Barbi Guerra, Marina Glava, Evelina Heaney, Danna Kelemen, Dr. Ken Kohutek, Cristina Mares, Michael Matamoros, Chris Molinar, Lan Nguyen, Chris Ochoa, Jonithan Pendergrass, Diane Powell

Savio Administration

I am also thankful for the incredible team of Savio administration that we are blessed to have on campus. These folks are amazing, taking on the many tasks and challenges of curriculum and instruction, student life, and the overall administration and development of Savio. I am thankful for these individuals because they handle so many tough situations behind the scenes, working with students, parents, teachers, and community members. Admin cover events, organize events, make sure schedules and grades go out on time, and literally ensure our "trains" run on time. Last, but not least, they provide invaluable support for me and put up with my corny jokes. Thank you, Admin, for all you do for Savio.

Thank you, Savio Administration!

Patrick Goertz, Stefanie Schiesser, and Dr. Joan Wagner

Savio Coaches

Along with the Savio Faculty, the other group of folks that spend a lot of time and effort with our students are our Coaches. Savio Coaches are teachers on and off the court, pitch, field, links, diamond, and in and out of the pool. I am thankful for these individuals because they help our students develop the grit and resilience they need in the classroom and beyond while at the same time providing much-needed respite from the rigors of academics. They push and challenge Savio athletes to perform to their potential, rise to the occasion, and work hard until the game, race or match is won. Thank you, Savio Coaches.  

Thank you, Savio Coaches!

Rick Allard, Tommie Baker, Yogi Beatia, Steven Cardenas, Rich Carr, Leone Cruz, Melissa Cybele, Arthus Del Rio, Bryan Edwards, Bill Hemphill, Brian Hendricks, Greg Hunter, Bryan Hicks, Ashley Langlinais, Cal Loveridge, Tyler Martinez, Caity O’Connor, Michelle Parker, Daniel Parks, Miguel Perez, Brandon Poe, Tim Prukop, Gabriel Rivera, Josh Simmons, Gary Stepan, and Lee Stooksberry

Savio Booster and SPA

From the moment I started at Savio, it was evident that so much of what happens at Savio is possible because parents give their time, talent, and treasure. Savio parents contribute to everything Savio through Booster and SPA. I am thankful for these two organizations because they are two of the engines that make Savio the “little” school that can, does, and will! Thank you, Booster and SPA!

Thank you, Booster!

Frank Alvarez, Julie Martinez, Adriana Davila, Ren Dewan, Megan DiTeresa, Lisa Ducote, Lilian Hogenmiller, Tedy Kavanaugh, Katie Klein, Connie Lopez, Lori Mazzurana, Ellen Miri, Kim Stewart, Kathryn Sutton, Danellie Young

Thank you, SPA!

Frank Alvarez, Sarah Antenora, Rania Buzad, Michelle Callas, Jessica Chaumont, Darla Christman, Adriana Davila, Lori Dewan, Megan DiTeresa, Lisa Ducote, Lilian Hogenmiller, Tedy Kavanaugh, Katie Klein, Connie Lopez, Lori Mazzurana, Ellen Miri, Kimberly Stewart, Kathryn Sutton, and Danellie Young

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the blessing of the many people who contribute to the success of Savio. We thank you for the time, talent and treasure with which you have blessed these individuals who in turn give so generously. We ask that you continue to bless Savio and these individuals and help us to be good stewards of these blessings. We ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.

A Few Additional Folks

Lastly, there is a small group of folks for whom I am thankful that don’t fall in the categories of Faculty or Staff, but who have contributed greatly to Savio over the years to the point where they may as well be faculty or staff: our Iron Eagles Coaches and our Theater Coaches. Our Iron Eagles Coaches have been with Savio since we first opened our doors ten years ago, and they continue working with our students to this day. Similarly, over the last seven years, the folks who put on our Fall Play and Spring Musical have put in immeasurable amounts of time, talent, and treasure into Savio theater productions. Every semester, we can count on being whisked away into the worlds they create on stage. Thank you, folks, for your longstanding and continued support of Savio!

Thank you, Iron Eagle and Theater Coaches!

 Michael Butler, Mike Gregorio, Joyce Mink, Alex Thurlow, and Anne Marie Weis

What an incredible list of generous and dedicated individuals! I know you’ll agree with me when I say that we are very much blessed to have so many amazing people at Savio whose contributions are beyond measure. Please join me in a prayer of thanksgiving for all their contributions.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the blessing of the many people who contribute to the success of Savio. We thank you for the time, talent and treasure with which you have blessed these individuals who in turn give so generously to Savio. We ask that you continue to bless Savio and these individuals and help us to be good stewards of these blessings. We ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.

Have a great week and a blessed and restful Thanksgiving Break, Eagles.

Dr. Garcia

Eagles Close Out Miracle 2019 Football Season

November 10, 2019
By Dr. Enrique Garcia

Eagles Magical Season Comes to a Close

Last night, the 2019 football season came to a close with a hard-fought 38-28 loss to the Village Vikings in the TAPPS Division V Championship. It was not ending we would have liked, but I think everyone will agree, the 2019 Eagle Football Season was a magical and historic time for the St. Dominic Savio community.


Sending Off our Eagle Football Team


Savio Eagles in the House



After going 0-10 in 2018 and facing the possibility that there would be no Eagle Football in 2019, Savio’s football players, coaches, trainers, parents, and athletic directors, guided by the principal of loving like Christ, for the benefit of another, without regard for yourself, put together what several have called a “Miracle Season.” From the time they started off-season strength-and-conditioning, summer 7-on-7, and into the start of the 2019 TAPPS Division V football season, our players knew that Savio football lived and died with them this season.

Seniors Honored 


And boy did these young men resurrect Eagle Football! When it was all said and done, our Eagle football team racked up eight straight victories, recording Savio’s first ever undefeated season. Game to game, week to week, Savio fans filled the bleachers at Westwood HS and cheered our Eagles on to victory, especially the Savio Student Section, spurred on by the amazing efforts of our Eagle Cheerleaders and the Eagle Pep Band. The Savio Student Section even had the awesome experience of rushing the field. Twice!

Eagle Parents Tailgate Before the Game


Student Section Ready to Cheer


Eagle Pep Band Ready to Go


Eagle Cheer Warming Up


Though it ended with a loss, last night’s Division V Championship exemplified the incredible Savio Spirit that permeated throughout the season. The Eagle Pep Band played all throughout the game, while Eagle Cheer were loud and proud, keeping the incredible Savio Student Section that traveled to Houston on their feet and cheering. Our students were equaled by the number of parents who made the trip and even put together a pregame tailgate to get that Savio Spirit flowing. And of course, our Eagle football team hit the field and gave it their all against a very tough Village Viking Team. We trailed throughout the game, but even in the waning moments of the game, when things looked bleak, our Eagles refused to give up, showing their Savio Spirit with a kickoff return for a touchdown.

2019 TAPPS Division V Runners-Up


Great Leadership for Eagle Football


In all, last night’s game was an amazing experience. Thank you to everyone who made last night possible. And thank you to everyone who made the 2019 Eagle Football Season a magical, miracle experience that showed why every day is a great day to be an Eagle!


Dr. Garcia

Savio Spirit Soared at Friday's Future Eagle Night

November 03, 2019
By Dr. Enrique Garcia

What an Amazing Future Eagle Night



At St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School, every day is a great day to be an Eagle! And on Friday night, the 8th Grade students who participated in our first Future Eagle Night of the year got a taste the school spirit that makes Savio a great place to be.

The evening started with a tailgate that including hotdogs, chips, drinks, and games for our Future Eagles and their parents. While our Future Eagles enjoyed their treats, Savio Spirit soared with performances by our Eagle Pep Band and our Eagle Cheerleaders.

The Future Eagles then got the VIP treatment, getting to run out of the Eagle Tunnel for the start of the final Eagle football game of the season! What a way to learn to fly as a Savio Eagle!

Our special guests were then treated to an exciting football game between the Savio Eagles and the Northland Christian Cougars, that included honoring our Seniors from Eagle Football, Cheer, Cross Country, and Pep Band. It was a close game through the first half that ended with the Eagles leading 21-14. In the second half, however, the Future Eagles witnessed Savio’s defensive and offensive grit as they closed out their first-ever undefeated (8-0) regular season with a resounding 45-14 victory! What a night!

On behalf of the entire Savio community, I want to thank the Future Eagles and their families who came out for Future Eagle Night and helped us celebrate an amazing night of Eagle Football and Savio Spirit. We hope you enjoyed the evening’s festivities and game, and we hope to see you at future Savio events this year!

A special thank you goes out to our Mrs. Bologna, our Director of Admissions, for organizing Future Eagle Night as well the Eagle Pep Band under the direction of Mr. Schneider and Eagle Cheerleaders under the direction of Coach O’Connor and Coach Parker for their contributions. Our thanks also go out to Mrs. Schiesser who helped out with getting drinks, as well as the Savio parents who contributed food, drinks, and did the grilling! 


Dr. Garcia

This was an October to Remember

October 27, 2019
By Dr. Enrique Garcia

An October Filled with Eagle Spirit



It’s the last week of October, and what a month it has been! Savio Spirit has flown high and proud thanks to the many great events and achievements that have taken place in a short time. Join me in saluting and thanking the people who’ve made this an October to remember.

Savio Homecoming 2019

First, Savio Homecoming 2019. This was a Homecoming to remember thanks to the efforts of the Student Activities Board under the direction of Mrs. Dominguez and Mrs. Cascarano, who put together a fun-filled Homecoming Week and Homecoming Dance. Coach O’Connor and Coach Parker helped our Eagle Cheerleaders add to Homecoming’s high-flying Savio Spirit with a fun and loud Homecoming and Fall Sports Pep Rally, that featured Savio’s Class of 2020 Seniors winning the Spirit Stick! Way to go, Seniors! Savio alumni got into the Homecoming Spirit attending our Annual Alumni Tailgate thanks to Ms. Mares. And we can’t forget Eagle Football’s thrilling 16-14 victory over Halletsville that came down to a final defensive stand by Savio.

Savio Athletics

Speaking of football, it’s been a real season of magic for our Eagle Football Team. Behind the staff of Coach Prukop, Coach Hemphill, Coach Beitia, and Coach Hicks, Savio is now 7-0 after big wins against El Paso Cathedral and TMI and looking to finish out the regular season 8-0 against Northland Christian at Westwood High on Friday, November 1. Thank you, gentlemen, for your leadership, and play for perfection, Eagles!  

Football isn’t the only sport showing Savio Spirit. Congratulations go out to our Eagle JV Volleyball Team who closed out a great season at 10-3. Congratulations, Coach Poe and JV volleyball players. And congratulations also go out to our Eagle Varsity Volleyball Team and Coach Rivera for making it to playoffs for the second year in a row. Our Eagles are locked in for a rematch of last year’s playoff game as they face St. Agnes on Tuesday, October 29 at 3:00 in Houston. Go get’em, Eagles!

For their part, Eagle Cross Country put together a strong season under the leadership of Coach Baker and Coach del Rio. Our Girls and Boys made a strong showing at the TAPPS Cross Country State Meet in Waco last Monday. With mostly Freshmen and Sophomores on the team, Eagle Cross Country looks to have a promising 2020 season next year as well.

Lastly, Winter Sports are underway, with Basketball, Soccer, and Swim hitting the court, pitch, and pool. Eagle Swim Team started off their season with meets in Burnet and Round Rock, while both Boys and Girls Soccer kick off the season with matches at Brentwood on Tuesday, October 29. Boys Basketball kicks off their season at home against Austin Royals here at Savio, while Girls Basketball travels to Anne Richards. Good luck to our Coach Simmons and Coach Stepan (Boys Basketball), Coach Langlinais and Coach Carr (Girls Basketball), Coach Stooksberry and Coach Cruz (Boys Soccer), Coach Cardenas (Girls Soccer), and Coach Parks and Coach Perez (Swim).

Savio Academic Competitions

In addition to athletics, Savio Academic Competition teams also kept Savio Spirit flying high. Savio’s Quiz Bowl Team opened their competition season at the Alamo City IX Quiz Bowl Tournament. Team B came away with a 4-3 record while Team A walked away as undefeated champions, earning an invitation to the Quiz Bowl High School National Championship Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you, Mrs. Miri and Mrs. Mikosh for getting Quiz Bowl going this year and congratulations, Eagles!

Savio’s new Cyber Security Team led by Mr. Teal and Mrs. Wood also started competition yesterday, traveling to the Lockheed Martin CyberQuest Contest, taking on nine teams from around Texas. Our Cyber Security Team then followed up Saturday’s competition with a Cyber Patriot competition today. Today’s competition is Round 1 of the competition, with Round 2 taking place in November.

Meanwhile, Savio’s Iron Eagles Robotics Team took flight in October in order to prepare for this year’s competition. Of note this month is the $1000 grant that our Iron Eagles received from Qualcom. Team-members have put this grant to good use, meeting Monday-Thursday and then on Saturday to build the robot they hope will take them all the way to international competition! Thanks go out to Michael Butler, Mike Gregorio, Alex Thurlow, Scott Barnes, and Ray McCormick for all the time and energy they’ve invested in Iron Eagles, as well as Mrs. Girardot and Mrs. Wood. Go, Iron Eagles!

Savio Performing Arts

In the arts, the first week of October saw Savio’s singers and musicians come together for another great Fall Concert. It was a packed house that listened as our Choir, Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Guitar students filled the gym with music and song that delighted all who attended. Thank you, Mrs. Pish and Mr. Schneider, for a job well done.

Savio Student (and Parent) Life

On the student (and parent) life front, several events filled October with Savio Spirit. The month began with Savio’s Annual Eagle Golf Classic, which raised $11,000 for Savio Athletics. Thank you, Susan and David Tull, for organizing another successful Classic!

Christian Outreach continued their weekly work at Feed My People on Thursday Mornings, and took time to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. Our thanks go out to Mrs. Artzt and Mr. McCredie for their work with Christian Outreach this year.

Savio’s Senior Retreat gave our soon-to-be graduates the opportunity to reflect on their time at Savio and meditate on how God has worked in their lives. Thank you goes out to the teachers who chaperoned the retreat as well as Mrs. Artzt and Mr. Ochoa who helped organize it.

While our Seniors were on retreat at Eagles Wings, our Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors took the PSAT Test. Thank you to all our teachers who helped administer the exam and especially Mr. Goertz who organized and planned the test administration.

For parents, October was an opportunity to gather and enjoy fellowship with each other. As of today, the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Parent Socials have all been held. Thank you to the families who hosted: Callas’ (Freshman), Klein’s (Sophomore), Young’s (Junior), and Buzad’s (Senior). Similarly, thanks go out to Mrs. Bologna for organizing two Parent Information Sessions this month, as well as to Mrs. Schiesser and Mrs. Glava for holding the October's Principal’s Coffee.

Finally, last week we unveiled Savio’s Vocation Wall. This wall highlights the eight Savio alumni and one former Savio student who are currently in formation to become priests or religious. Please keep these Eagles in your prayers.

It’s been quite a month, Eagles, but it’s not over. There are a lot more Savio-Spirit-inspiring events coming during the week last week of October. Thank you to all our students, parents, faculty, and staff for making the month of October one that we will not soon forget.  It is because of you that every day is a great day to be an Eagle!


Dr. Garcia

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