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A Message from the Principal

Savio Celebrates Eagle Athletes

May 15, 2022
By Dr. Enrique Garcia


Happy sixth Sunday of Easter. I hope you and your families are doing well and staying healthy and safe. The month of May continues to move forward as quickly as the daily temperatures seem to be rising. Nevertheless, it is always important to stop and take time to recognize our students' achievements from the 2021-2022 school year.

Last Friday, we did just that during an all-school assembly to recognize Savio athletes from this year's Fall, Winter, and Spring Sports. In the assembly, Savio athletes received awards, including Unsung Hero, and All-District, All-State, and All-Academic recognitions. We also honored our Male and Female Athletes of the Year, our Athlete of the Year, and our Coach of the Year.  

Eagles, here are your 2021-2022 Athletic Award Recipients: 

Dance Excellence & Showmanship

Dance Excellence -- Erin Callihan (Not Pictured)

Showmanship -- Mercy Olguin (Not Pictured)

Unsung Hero

Cheer -- Jackie Miller     Cross Country--Samantha Taylor     Football--Eliel Velez     

Volleyball--Ania Davila     Boys Basketball--Lucas Li     Girls Basketball--Elena Antenora     

Boys Soccer--Aidan Garcia     Girls Soccer--Myah Kuenstler     Swim--Ryan MacDonald

Baseball --Johnny Saenz     Golf -- Amaryllis Guevara (Not Pictured)    Softball Marissa Lopez     

Tennis -- Maddie Case     Track & Field -- Mykayla Haygood & Amri Tehrani

Unsung Hero -- Cheer

Unsung Hero -- Boys Basketball

Unsung Hero -- Girls Basketball

Unsung Hero -- Boys Soccer

Unsung Hero -- Girls Soccer

Unsung Hero -- Swim

Unsung Hero -- Baseball

Unsung Hero -- Softball

UJnsung Hero -- Tennis

Unsung Hero -- Cross Country

Unsung Hero -- Football
Unsung Hero -- Volleyball
Unsung Hero -- Track

All-District First Team


Adrian Blea    John Cook     Billy Reeb     Ben Schiesser


Valeria Feeney

Girls Basketball

Layla Tovar

Boys Soccer

Luciano Barrera

Girls Soccer

Myah Kuenstler     Mia Morales


Claire Cook     Zya Gibbs     Mykayla Haygood     Erin Kolenda

Hali Murphy     Autumn Wilson    Eva Zimmerman

All-District Second Team


Robbie Burslem     Daniel Madison     Dillon Swain    Anthony Valastro


Maddie Case     Ania Davila

Boys Basketball

Gabe Garcia  Lucas Li

Girls Basketball

Piper Klein

Boys Soccer

Daniel Madison     Thomas Mazzurana     Dillon Swain

Girls Soccer

Claire Dewan     Gigi Gutierrez     Bella Herold     Eva Zimmerman


Julian Lopez     Matt Phipps     Leyton Riviere


Grace Madison     Megan McNaughton     Faith Poe


Amy Nguyen     Dillon Swain

All-District Football


All-District Volleyball


All-District Boys Basketball


All-District Girls Basketball


All-District Boys Soccer


All-District Girls Soccer


All-District Softball


All-District Baseball


All-District Track


All District Honorable Mention


Ava Bien     Sarah Pettinato     Michaela Gall

Boys Basketball

Jake Espinoza

Boys Soccer

Caleb Gonzales     Timothy O’Beirne     Sebastian Rocha

Girls Soccer

Gabi Bien     Megan Engesser     Ella Gonzales     Alicia Waldrop


Natalie Merkin


Jack Casey     Jake Espinoza     Tim O’Beirne

All-State First Team


Claire Cook     Mykayla Haygood     Zya Gibbs     

Erin Kolenda     Hali Murphy     Autumn Wilson (Not Pictured)

All-State Honorable Mention


Natalie Merkin

All-State First Team


All-State Honorable Mention


Academic All State

Luciano Barrera     Robbie Burslem     Maddie Case     John Cook     Ania Davila

Claire Dewan     Gigi Gutierrez     Mykayla Haygood     Bella Herold

Piper Klein     Erin Kolenda     Myah Kuenstler     Lucas Li     Julian Lopez

Daniel Madison     Thomas Mazzurana     Megan McNaughton     Mia Morales     Hali Murphy     

Amy Nguyen     Faith Poe     Ben Schiesser     Dillon Swain     

Anthony Valastro     Autumn Wilson     Eva Zimmerman

Academic All-State

College Signing

Erin Kolenda Track Boston College

Hali Murphy Track The University of Georgia

Autumn Wilson Track The University of Georgia (Not Pictured)

College Signees

Female Athlete of the Year

Hali Murphy

Male Athlete of the Year

Dillon Swain

Student Athlete of the Year

Autumn Wilson

Athletes of the Year

Coach of the Year

Rod Green (Not Pictured)

Golden Eagle

Tommie Baker  

Golden Eagle Award

As you can see, Savio Athletics had an amazing 2021-2022 school year. We are extremely proud of our athletes and coaches for the incredible year of athletic excellence. A special thank you goes out to our Senior athletes who closed out their Savio Story in athletics this year. You are in our prayers and we wish you the best as you begin your college career. 

Our next celebration coming up this week is the Academic Awards on Monday, May 23, at 2:10 in the Eagle's Nest. The parents of award recipients have been notified and invited to attend the assembly, but our students will not know they received an award until their name is called out on Monday. How exciting!

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support, Eagles. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay strong, Savio. And remember, every day is a great day to be an Eagle.


Dr. Garcia

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. –Philippians 2:3-4

Eagles Looked Great at State

May 12, 2022
By Dr. Enrique Garcia


Greetings and salutations! I hope you and your families had a wonderful weekend and are staying healthy and safe. 

On Saturday, May 7, Savio's Eagle Track Team participated in the TAPPS State Track Meet. Seven Savio students laced up their spikes for one last time this season, and four of those seven were Seniors who ran their final races for Eagle Track as well. State qualifiers for Savio included Claire Cook, Zya Gibbs, MaKayla Haygood, Hali Murphy, Erin Kolenda, Autumn Wilson, and Eva Zimmerman. 

2022 Eagle Track TAPPS State Qualifiers

coming away with 5 State Championships, including:
  • 100M (Wilson)
  • 200 (Wilson)
  • 400m (Murphy)
  • 4x100m (Gibbs, Kolenda, Murphy, and Wilson)
  • 4x400 (Cook, Gibbs, Haygood, and Murphy).

Autumn Wilson set a new TAPPS State Meet record in winning the 100M State Championship, as did the 4x100m Relay Team of Zya Gibbs, Erin Kolenda, Hali Murphy, and Autumn Wilson. Additionally, Erin Kolenda placed 2nd in the 100m Hurdles and the 4x200 Relay Team placed 5th.

Despite not qualifying for any of the field events, our Eagle Track State qualifiers had a strong performance at the 2022 TAPPS State Track Meet, placing 2nd overall. That is quite an accomplishment considering all of our points came from Saturday's running events, while other schools earned points from both field and running events. 

The TAPPS State Track Meet was a great ending to an amazing track season for our Eagles, and the final races as members of Savio's Track Team for Seniors Hali Murphy, Erin Kolenda, Autumn Wilson, and Eva Zimmerman. All four athletes distinguished themselves and represented the very best of Eagle Track in their time here at Savio. Three of these Seniors signed letters of intent to run at Division I colleges, including Georgia (Murphy and Wilson) and Boston College (Kolenda). We thank our Seniors for their contributions to the success of Savio's Track Team and we wish them the best in their college careers. 

Our thanks also go out to our returning State qualifiers for their efforts during the 2021-2022 track season, as well as to all the members of Eagle Track and Coach Tommie Baker and Coach Bryan Hendricks. Thank you for the time, effort, and dedication you poured into this year's track season. We look forward to another great season of Eagle Track in 2022-2023. 


Dr. Garcia 

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. –Philippians 2:3-4

Happy National School Nurse Day, Mrs. Guzman

May 06, 2022
By Dr. Enrique Garcia


May is a month in which we celebrate many of the people who work at Savio and help make our school an amazing community of faith and learning. This week, on Wednesday, May 11, we celebrate National School Nurse Day. 


Angie Guzman, Nurse

Mrs. Guzman is in her second year as the school Nurse for St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School and Holy Family Catholic School. She came to us just as the COVID pandemic was beginning, and she was instrumental in helping to keep Savio's doors open and students learning in a healthy and safe environment. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Guzman as our school nurse. Please join me in prayer of thanksgiving for Mrs. Guzman. 

Good and gracious God, we thank You for the blessing of Mrs. Guzman, our school nurse. We thank You for the knowledge and skill with which you have blessed her, and most of all, we thank You for the gift of her loving heart that enables her to care for our students. We ask that You continue to help her receive our sick in Your name. Give her efforts success for Your glory because it is Your work that she does. Without You, she cannot succeed. Grant that the sick You have placed in her care may be abundantly blessed, and not one of them be lost because of any neglect on her part. Help her to overcome every temporal weakness, and strengthen her so she may bring joy to the lives of those she serves. We ask this in Your name. Amen. 

If you see or speak with Mrs. Guzman, please thank her for the amazing job she is doing for both the Savio and Holy Family school communities. In the meantime, as always, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay strong, Savio. And remember, every day is a great day to be an Eagle!


Dr. Garcia

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. –Philippians 2:3-4

Class of 2022 Makes Diverse College Choices

April 28, 2022
By Dr. Enrique Garcia


Every year, Mrs. Glava, Savio's College Advisor, provides us with a creative and inspirational visual representation of the Seniors’ college choices. In past years, pennants, angel's wings, and honeycombs were used to highlight the college or university to which each Senior committed.

Below is this year’s banner. The poster is one of the most colorful in recent memory. Additionally, a list of the colleges and universities to which Seniors have committed is included. The banner and list of institutions represent the diverse and colorful personalities, gifts, and talents found in the Class of 2022. 

Arizona State University     Austin Community College     Baylor University     Blinn Community College 

   Boston College     Boston University     Colorado State University     Colorado University Boulder       

Columbia University     Harvard     Howard University     Kenyon College     Oklahoma City University         

San Jose State University      Schreiner University     SMU     Southwestern University

St. Edward's University     St. Mary's Minnesota     St. Mary's University     Texas A&M

Texas A&M Galveston     Texas State University     Texas Tech     UC Davis     University of Alabama

University of Arizona     University of Georgia     University of Notre Dame     University of Oregon

University of South Carolina     University of Tennessee-Knoxville     University of the Incarnate Word

University of Texas Austin     University of Texas San Antonio     Virginia Tech     Wash U     Whitman

According to Mrs. Glava, the Class of 2022 was one of the most involved and engaged classes whom she guided through the college admissions process. Students and parents alike were in constant communication, met regularly with her, and attended college admissions events. "These students really took advantage of the services and support that is available to them here at Savio."

As for the Class of 2023 and beyond, Mrs. Glava noted these students and parents are also taking advantage of what she has to offer. "I've already met with Juniors and Sophomores. I am now working on meeting with Freshmen and their parents. There are a few stragglers that have not come in to see me, but overall, students and parents are being proactive. I think this is because they like being able to meet with me in person now that COVID restrictions have been lifted." 

Finding out Seniors' final choice of college or university is always one of the highlights of the Spring semester. To date, 95 of the 101 Seniors in this year's graduating class have informed Mrs. Glava of where they are going to school next Fall. Please keep these students in your prayers as they discern where they will go to college. We hope to hear from them soon.

In the meantime, congratulations go out to the Seniors who have committed to a college or university. Stop by the poster and see where your friends are going next Fall. Additionally, Mrs. Schiesser has started working on this year's Senior Spotlight slides to celebrate and recognize Seniors' college commitments. So, keep an eye out for them. 


Dr. Garcia

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. –Philippians 2:3-4


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