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Faith Life

Faith Life

Service Requirements

All of us are called to serve.  We are called to this life of service by Jesus Christ Himself.  Pope John Paul II challenged each of us to be active in our families, Church and communities by working for justice to achieve peace.  At St. Dominic Savio we strive to live our Christian vocation by "forming servant leaders in the image of Christ."  One way in which we answer this call is through our Diakonia program.  

Diakonia Program

The Diakonia Program of St. Dominic Savio is an opportunity to explore the many service and ministry opportunities of the Church and the wider community outside of one's normal circle of friends, family and neighborhood.  The program is comprised both of loving action and prayerful reflection.

There are several important components to the Diakonia Program including:

  • The spirituality of service - Diakonia is the freely offered gift of one's time, talents and personality.  We can be Christ for others in many ways.  While some of the agencies where we carry out our ministry are not "Church-related," we consider the students contribution to be "diakonia" in that our faith is the motivation, prayer is the source of our strength, and to serve as Jesus did is our goal
  • An opportunity to learn - Diakonia is an opportunity to learn and grow in a unique way. Through Christian service, students may discover their personal gifts, values, limitations, and dreams for the future.  Students will learn about people and have their eyes opened to the problems and challenges in our community in ways which cannot be experienced in a classroom.
  • Choosing your service - Students have particular interests as well as gifts and talents.  In order to be a servant leader according to the call God is giving, a person should examine his/her own gifts and interests and listen to the Holy Spirit.  Students often enjoy an experience that can be somewhat difficult or challenging, but that is interesting.  In this way, students are stretched beyond their "comfort zone," and the rewards can be great.
  • Reflection process - Students write a reflection paper which is assigned and graded in Theology class.  This paper is written within two weeks of when service hours are due.  In addition, the senior level Theology Catholic Social Teaching course and the Senior Service Project offer other opportunities to reflect and expand on one's experiences in the Diakonia program.

Catholic Social Teachings speak about the dignity of the human person, as we are all made in the image of Christ. It is our responsibility as Christians to uphold the dignity of each and every person. One way to do this is by helping those in need, especially the poor and most vulnerable in our society.

"The Catholic tradition teaches that human dignity can be protected and a healthy community can be achieved only if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met. Therefore, every person has a fundamental right to life and a right to those things required for human decency. Corresponding to these rights are duties and responsibilities--to one another, to our families, and to the larger society.”   - USCCB

In accordance with this teaching, we ask students to choose service that relates to our duties and responsibilities to one another, to our families (the Savio Community), and to the larger society (outside the Savio Community).

Service Goals

During their Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years, each student is required to have a total of 15 hours of service.  All service must be for a non-profit organization and must meet a need in society.

Each year, students have two required goals and one optional goal.

Required goals:

  • Service to Others: At least 10 of the required 15 hours must come from service that benefits the “larger society” (outside the Savio Community).  This would include service that comes from volunteering their time to meet needs in local communities, churches, and/or the worldwide community.  
    • All service must be for a non-profit organization and must meet a need in society.
  • Service to Savio: Up to 5 of the required 15  hours may come from service performed at Savio or for the benefit of Savio groups and clubs (the Savio Community).

Optional Goal:

  • 200 Club: Graduating Seniors who serve for 200 hours beyond the Diakonia requirement will receive recognition at graduation. See Diakonia handbook for more information.

We ask that students offer a variety of different types of service throughout their years at Savio. To this end, students will need to choose a different type of service for their requirement for each year.

Please refer to the Diakonia Handbook for more detailed information on service hour requirements. The Diakonia Handbook can be found HERE.

Service Hour Requirements

Service hour requirements and due dates are as follows:

  • Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors must complete 15 hours each year.  These hours must be logged into x2Vol by the third Friday in April. Hours entered during the summer will count towards the next year’s requirements.
  • Seniors must complete 15 hours during the Senior Service Project.

Log Your Hours

Students will use x2Vol to record their service hours.  They may also use this site to find service opportunities in our local community.

x2VOL Student Instructions

How to Log-in to x2VOL via Naviance

How to Log Hours

How to Sign-up for Opportunities