St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School




St. Dominic Savio is accredited through the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission (TCCED) and Advanced Ed SACS. Accreditation requirements guide our school in  many facets, including the requirement that the TEKS curriculum standards that have been identified by Texas Education Agency serve as the minimum foundation for our curriculum.  In addition, the National Common Core standards serve as a resource for our academic departments.  Pre-AP and AP courses comply with the requirements of the College Board. Theology teachers follow Diocesan curriculum in course objectives, with information provided by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops serving as a resource. Teachers incorporate these curriculum guidelines and resources into course content and assessment.

St. Dominic Savio has only one course of study–college preparatory.  In order to provide a quality educational experience, the school has developed three different academic course levels–STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Pre-AP, and Accelerated.  These course levels differ in the courses offered, and the speed and depth to which the material is covered.  The different course levels allow us to tailor our curriculum to the abilities and interests of our students.

Students are placed in one of these course levels based on the composite score of their placement test and his/her academic transcript.  However, we also consider teacher recommendations and information gained from student interviews.  By placing students in an appropriate course level, students in all levels are able to develop, to the best of their ability, the gifts God has given to them.  All students are eligible for academic awards, and students throughout each level are eligible for membership in the National Honor Society.