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Faith Life

Senior Service Project

The Senior Project is an opportunity for Savio seniors to perform servant leadership service and/or investigate a prospective career before graduating from St. Dominic Savio.  As members of the Catholic community, Savio seniors complete the Senior Project in order to learn about the greater world and gain life experience in working with others.  The internship period takes place during the last week of second semester of the senior year.  The Senior Project is designed to encourage Savio students to examine the world outside of the High School, so that students are better prepared for life after commencement.

Different experiences are eligible for the Senior Project.  These experiences could include shadowing a professional, doing research with an organization, or assisting a social service agency, as follows:

  • Service Project - This experience includes participating in volunteer work at a social service agency.  The Senior Project is the senior year requirement for the Diakonia Service Program, therefore the requirements of Diakonia service also applies for the Senior Project.  The majority (at least 8 hours) of service must involve working directly with people, serving as Christ did.  By showing others the love of God, this option allows the student to truly experience servant leadership.
  • Vocational Project - This experience includes spending time learning by observation about a profession.  As Catholic Christians we recognize secular vocation as part of our call to holiness.  If we fail to understand the dignity and sanctity of our work, we can fail to revere God's ongoing creation in our daily tasks, and be unable to draw strength from the communion with God that our work represents.  This option allows the student to experience servant leadership by spreading Gospel values through everyday actions and understand.

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