St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School

Faith Life

Faith Life



The retreat program at St. Dominic Savio seeks to offer every student an annual time for growth, renewal and a particular opportunity to encounter Christ.  Student leadership and peer ministry are integral to a vibrant retreat program which truly meets student needs and contributes to whole-person formation.  As such, student leaders from the class above (i.e. Sophomore for the Freshman class) facilitate and lead each retreat, with retreat Timothy Team members coordinating these teams. The Savio Senior retreat is coordinated by faculty and staff.

Retreats focus on a variety of topics, with the following key themes and ideas for each grade level:

  • Freshmen Retreat - Savio: A Community of Servant Leaders
  • Sophomore Retreat - Personal Conversion to the Image of Christ
  • Junior Retreat - Solidarity with the 'least of these'
  • Senior Retreat - Leaders for the Church and the World beyond Savio

Each class takes one retreat per year.  The freshmen, and sophomore retreats are one day long, the junior retreat is one evening and morning and the senior retreat is a two day, overnight retreat.  Retreat attendance is mandatory and is a graduation requirement.  If a student is unable to attend a class retreat for a rare exception, he/she will need to make up that experience through a school-approved retreat program.