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Faith Life

Faith Life

Faith Listening

Pope Francis has spoken on numerous occasions about the need of every human person to feel loved and to know that he or she is not alone.  In order to help the students of St. Dominic Savio to feel loved and to know with certainty that they are not alone, the Faith Listening Program trains faculty and staff to listen to students in need, and to pray with and for them. In these conversations, we hope to draw our students - and our whole community along with them - into deeper relationship with the God who loves them.

The goal of the faith listening program is to help nurture our student's relationship with the God who loves them.  Even if these are not the words that they might use, even if they express doubts or fears or misunderstandings, their desire to have a conversation is itself a beginning for their prayer.  The faith listening program can hopefully be a place for our students to explore their desire for God and to encounter the desire God has for them.

It is our firmly held belief as Christians that God is deeply interested in what happens to us day to day.  God is alive and active in our world.  So much so, that God has actually become one of us.  God then, can be found in the most seemingly mundane or extraordinary events, thoughts, and emotions we each experience.  This truth is the foundation of the conversations we have with our students.

We do not ask Faith Listeners to try to see the work, or the will, of God in the lives of students for them.  We do not even ask that they try to get the students to see it themselves.  We simply want to give our students somewhere to go to talk and to be heard.  This is our goal:  to listen, to pray and to encourage students to grow in relationship with the God who loves them.

The entire faculty and staff is integral to the faith formation of students.  Yet, those who feel called to do so will be trained and commit themselves to explicitly be available to the student body for prayer, a listening ear, and encouragement as part of the Faith Listening Program.