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St. Dominic Savio has ten different academic departments, with all faculty teaching within one or more of the departments.  Each department has a Department Chair that helps to facilitate planning and decision making, coordinate departmental efforts and standardize practices.  While teachers should be the primary source of information about individual student progress, Department Chairs can address questions about placement, course progression and overall curriculum.

Department Chairs

  Name Title
Laurie Cohen Cohen, Laurie Technology/Engineering Dept Chairperson, Technology Instructor
Patrick Goertz Goertz, Patrick Science Dept Chairperson, Science Instructor
Alanna Heyl Heyl, Alanna Theology Dept Chairperson, Theology Instructor
Pamela Otten Otten, Pamela English Dept Chairperson, Instructor
Beatriz Pojman Pojman, Beatriz teacher
Celeste Robbins Robbins, Celeste Fine Arts Dept Chairperson, Art, Photography Instructor
Brooke Sykes Sykes, Brooke Math Dept Chairperson, Math Instructor
Tina Uebersax Uebersax, Tina Social Science Dept Chairperson, Social Science Instructor