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Archives - January 2024

Mrs. Heyl TCCB Teacher of the Year!

January 31, 2024

High School Teacher of the Year


Alanna Heyl has been teaching theology at St. Dominic Savio in north Austin for 12 years and has served as chair of the Theology department for 11 years. She currently teaches Theology IV and the upper-level course, Christian Outreach, a seminar on Catholic social teaching.

Mrs. Heyl is involved in many extracurricular programs and activities, including serving as the program coordinator of the Senior Servant Leader Project, planning the senior retreat, and helping her Christian Outreach students organize Imago Christi Day, a school-wide annual day of service during Catholic Schools Week. She is also the faculty advisor for the Catholic Relief Services Club, trains students to serve as liturgical ministers at school Masses, and has accompanied students to World Youth Day, FOCUS SEEK conferences, and on numerous mission trips.

Under her guidance and mentorship, campus ministry and other school programs are student-led, providing opportunities for them to identify their unique talents and gifts and exploring how they can use these gifts to serve others. Patrick Goertz, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, says of Mrs. Heyl, “She works to help students see the presence of God in their everyday lives and that they have been given the grace to live out their unique vocation and calling from God.”

Mrs. Heyl grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she attended St. Jude the Apostle School. When she was 12, her family moved to Texas. She earned her bachelor’s degree in theology at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas and a master’s in theology at the University of Dallas.

Mrs. Heyl has been married for 18 years and has four children who all attend Holy Family Catholic School in Austin. The Heyls are parishioners of St. Louis King of France Catholic Church.