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Archives - April 2023

Savio Wins TAPPS 5A Academic Competition!

April 26, 2023
By Susan Laielli

Savio won the TAPPS 5A State Academics Competition!  In fact, Savio won the overall Academics/Speech/Debate competition as well even though we had no students competing in the Speech/Debate competitions! Please congratulate our students on all of their awards won at TAPPS Academics. 
Number Sense: Ryan McDonald (8th)
Calculator Applications: Stella Li (5th)
Math: No placements (we did have 2 freshmen who competed very well though!)
Advanced Math: Matthew Synstegard(8th)
                       Michael Synstegard (3rd)
                       Andrew Rosen (1st)
Michael Synstegard (5th) (Highest Overall Chemistry)
Matthew Synstegard (3rd)
Natalia Arellano - Palma (2nd)
Noemi Carrillo - Barajas (1st)
Alfonzie Stepney (3rd)
Theda Wilkens   (1st)
Ready Writing: 
Noemi Carrillo - Barajas (6th)
Theda Wilkens (3rd)
Social Studies: 
We received points for placement(s) but are yet to receive names.
Current Events: 
Alfonzie Stepney (7th)
Literary Criticism:
Theda Wilkins

President Tim Cullen shares the State of the School

April 25, 2023
By Susan Laielli