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Students Attend SEEK Conference

January 14, 2019
By Admin

Seven Savio Seniors and an Alumna attended the SEEK conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, January 3 - 7. They heard dynamic Catholic speakers like Paul J. Kim, Fr. Mike Schmitz and Chris Stefanik who gave talks on the topics, A Millenials Guide to Adulting, Anti-Fragile Faith, and Love Yourself: A How-To. The conference allowed the students to seek the Lord and encourage their openness to God's call. 

SEEK encouraged me to step up.

A few students shared about how the SEEK conference impacted their life.

SEEK encouraged me to step up to leadership by helping me to accept and ask daily for the grace offered by the Holy Spirit in courage and humility. Martha Myer

SEEK gave me a deeper understanding of my identity. I may not have my life figured out, but I learned about who I am which is a blessing in such a time when I am trying to figure out where I fit; the beautiful thing is, I fit into my Father’s embrace, because I’m His daughter, and regardless of how much I reject Him, He will save that spot for me. Michelle Gallagher

SEEK gave me a stronger sense of how to take my faith with me when I go to college and showed me that the Catholic faith is still alive in my generation. Caitlin McCauslin

SEEK reminded me that I need to alter my life so that everything I do is a reflection of God’s love for me, His daughter. Kira Winkeler

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