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Christian Outreach Work Day

November 02, 2018
By Admin

On Thursday, November 1, the student leadership ministry, Christian Outreach, committed to a day of service. A total of 10 students and two faculty members met at the Savio parking lot and started their day at 4:15 AM. They traveled together to serve breakfast to the homeless at "Feed My People" in the First United Methodist Church in downtown Austin. The students were able to attend Mass at 6:30 AM at St. Mary's Cathedral after serving breakfast.

A group of students have committed to attend "Feed My People" every Thursday but, Christian Outreach decided to assist and extend their service to help with set up of the Foundation for the Homeless, the Spirit of Compassion fundraiser. 

For more information about the Foundation for the Homeless, "Feed My People' breakfast serving opportunity, read more about Feed My People here. 

The Mission

Christian Outreach at Savio, facilitates the introduction of ministries that are readily available to the school. In addition, the students develop a conversation about faith, social justice, and practical application of living out the word of God in our modern society based on the Corporal Works of Mercy. Each member in Christian Outreach is expected to be: 

1. An active participant through conversations about faith, social justice, and practical application of living out the Word of God in our modern society.

2. Ponder their gifts and how they can be used to manifest the Kingdom of God in our daily lives based on the principles of faith, hope, and love. fulfill his or her responsibilities with excellence and as a service to Christ and His Church. 


St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School is located in northwest Austin, Texas, in an active and thriving community. Savio is a college preparatory school, to prepare young men and women to become faith-filled, visionary and inspirational leaders in service to the Church and the world. St. Dominic Savio offers a faith experience that encourages students to reach their full potential as caring, conscientious, and moral servant leaders. The vision is "Forming Servant Leaders in the Image of Christ." For any questions, please contact the Director of Communications, Mrs. Cristina Almanza by email: