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Savio Filmworks Team Captures Emotion of First Day of High School

August 25, 2016
By Admin

On the first day of school, the Savio Filmworks team captured the excitement, as well as nerves, that the first day of school brings to the members of the whole student body. They captured commentary from our principle, vice principle, and various students with a glance inside the school.  


The Savio Filmworks Team behind the lens are Savio students that desire to capture the school experience through the perspective of their fellow classmates. The main focus of the Savio Filmworks Team is to reveal the different personalities within our school, and appeal to all Savio groups and grade levels. They hope to capture the raw spirit of the school and bring to light the characteristics that not only make us unique, but also set us apart from others schools. 

View the video at the link HERE.