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Savio Named Academic State Champion for TAPPS 4A

March 25, 2015
By Admin

The Savio Academic team edged out 30 other teams for the title of State Academic Champion this week.

Additionally, Savio won fourth place in overall sweepstakes.  Savio's yearbook nabbed second place in state. Grace Isakson is the first Savio student to successfully defend a state championship in the science event.  

Individual results are:

Science: 1st Grace Isakson, 3rd George Hinkel
Top Physics: Grace Isakson
TAPPS Math: 3rd Emily Shoemaker, 4th Matthew Bianchi
Number Sense: 3rd Grace Isakson, 5th Emily Shoemaker
Calculator: 3rd Emily Shoemaker
Spanish: 3rd Lorena Gonzalez-Fuster
Advanced Math: 4th Grace Isakson
Spelling: 6th Eleazar Camez
Ready Writing: 7th Emily Shoemaker