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Savio Academic Team Takes Second Place Sweepstakes at Holy Trinity Classic

October 24, 2014
By Admin

On Saturday, October 18th the Savio Academic Team participated in the Holy Trinity Classic Academic Tournament at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Temple. The team finished in second place overall in sweepstakes. Sophomore Emily Shoemaker won honors as the top overall academic competitor. Senior Victor Gonzales was recognized for having the top score in Physics. Overall results are shown below:

1 Round Rock Christian (205 points)
2 Dominic Savio (142 points)
3 Vanguard (104 points)

Number Sense
1. Victor Gonzalez
2. Emily Shoemaker
3. Matthew Bianchi
5. Isabel Gonzalez
6. Morgan Berasley

1. Emily Shoemaker
3. Matthew Bianchi
5. Vu Mather

Advanced Math
1. Victor Gonzalez
2. Isabel Gonzalez
3. Vu Mather

TAPPs Math
1. Emily Shoemaker
2. Matthew Bianchi
3. George Hinkel
6. Eleazar Camez

2. Vu Mather
3. George Hinkel
4. Victor Gonzalez (top Physics)
5. Matthew Bianchi

Literary Criticism
1. Emily Shoemaker
4. Amanda Fuentes

Ready Writing
1. Amanda Fuentes

Duet Acting
4. Isabel Gonzalez and Jackie Tavarez