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Savio Quiz Bowl Finishes 2nd Place in Chicago, 4th Place Overall

June 16, 2014
By Admin

Savio vs. Savio: The A & B squads faced off against each other in the prelims on Sunday

Savio sent two squads from their Quiz Bowl team to Chicago for the Junior Varsity National Academic Championship on the weekend of June 7th thru 9th. Eleazar Camez, Grace Isakson, Daniel Jilek and Patrick Lahey made up the Savio "A" team, and George Hinkel, Nicholas Isakson, and Calvin Nazareth made up the Savio "B" team.

The first day of the event was a tough one for Savio "B". They lost all three of their first day matches, including one to eventual overall national champion, Naperville North from Illinois. But the second day of the event was better as they won two of three matches. Their win-loss record did not qualify them for the playoffs, so their tournament ended after their final preliminary round match on Sunday. George Hinkel was the top scorer for the "B" team with 43.3 points per game.

The Savio "A" squad had a great first day, going 3-0 and winning their matches by an average score of 318-113. Day Two got off to a rocky start with the Eagles losing a match to Naperville North. But they followed that with two wins, including a 325-135 victory over Riverside-Brookfield of Illinois. The Eagles' 5-1 record gave them the #2 seed for the playoff round.

They faced Riverside-Brookfield again in the first playoff match. This time was very different from the preliminary round, and going into the last toss-up the score was tied at 245-245. Fortunately for the Eagles, Daniel Jilek buzzed in, correctly answered "the Battle of Tours" and Savio "A" won the match 260-245. This put them into the championship match of the Chicago phase of the tournament.

Final Match: Savio A vs. Naperville North
Final Match: Savio A vs. Naperville North

Unfortunately their opponent was juggernaut Naperville North. The Eagles put up a good fight, but the Naperville squad was just too strong. The record-setting Naperville team took first place in the Chicago phase with a perfect 7-0 record. By virtue of their stellar statistical average, they claimed the overall national title, beating out Washington DC phase winner, Briarcliff High School from New York. New Orleans phase winner Booker T. Washington from Tulsa, Oklahoma claimed 3rd place overall.

Though disappointed to lose the Chicago championship match, the Eagles held their heads high, claiming 2nd place in the Chicago phase. After tallying all stats from the Chicago, Washington DC and New Orleans phases the Eagle "A" team ended up as the 4th place team in the overall JV national standings. It truly was a strong finish to a terrific second season of play for Savio Quiz Bowl.

Daniel Jilek was the leading scorer for the "A" squad with 62.5 points per game.

The team will meet for several practices over the summer to stay sharp for next year. Five players will be attending Quiz Bowl camp in College Station at the end of July. The team will be looking for new players next year, too. Any Savio student is welcome to join.