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Student Instructions for E-Learning



Learning materials are shared via Google Classroom and/or facilitated via Google Meet

Daily Schedule

Teachers will post all learning materials at the beginning of each day.

1.   Establish a daily routine to support your learning.   

         a.  Identify a comfortable, quiet space so you can work effectively and successfully
         b.  It is recommended that this not be your bedroom.
         c.  Try to keep your phone out of reach while completing assignments
         d.  Participate in online learning activities with your peers as directed
         e.  Complete assessment tasks.
         f.   Take breaks to ensure proper mental well-being and productivity
         g.  If you experience any technical problems, email
         h.  Communicate proactively with your teachers. Ask questions, but be patient when waiting for a response.
              * If a teacher emails you, respond in a timely manner.
              * You can use email or, if permitted by your teacher, Google Meet.

2.   Check email and Google Classroom frequently

         a.  Teachers will communicate assignments and due dates as usual through Classroom
         b.  If you have questions or concerns, email your teacher


3.   Classes will be conducted online at normal times via Google Meet or Zoom.

         a.  Teachers will schedule classes using Google Calendar
         b.  You will receive an email with a link to the video session
         c.  Click the link to join when it is time for class to start (ideally a minute or so sooner)
         d.  Be sure to mute your microphone when joining the Meet or Zoom


4.   Your teacher will take attendance via your Online Class Session.

         a.  If you are sick or having technical issues, please let your teacher know by email.






Help your child develop daily routines.

Ask questions, talk about learning and upcoming deadlines

Encourage your child to take study breaks and to take part in physical exercise.

Be mindful of your child’s wellbeing; speak to them regularly about concerns or challenges.

Communicate any concerns to your child’s teacher or counsellor via email.

Ensure students are dressed appropriately when using video tools.

Choose a learning location that is suitable to be seen by peers and teachers if students are using video tools. If there are siblings simultaneously online, choose locations that do not cause noise interference.