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Campus News

Trunk O Treat a Success!

November 02, 2017
By Cristina Almanza

The forecast set for Tuesday, October 31st caused much anticipation as Savio staff were deciding whether or not to keep the Trunk O Treat scheduled. After a quick decision to arrange the Trunk O Treat in the Courtyard and Garden area, the event proved to be a success. Young and old gathered and joined together as a community, under the over-hang areas during moments of the sprinkling rain. Everyone had a great time and were able to take part in games and expand their Halloween candy collections.

The quick location change allowed many gathered from the Eat-N-Treat next door at Holy Family Catholic School, to join the event for additional festivities.

Board member Jerry Suva and his wife Rita Suva enjoy the environment with Mr. Paul Winkeler, Savio Math Teacher.


Principals at Holy Family Catholic School and Savio pose for a photo