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Savio Students Compete in Chinese Calligraphy Competition

February 13, 2017
By Admin

Consolidated Chinese Programs of Central Texas, consisting of the Chinese programs from 10 high schools, had a Chinese Culture Fair on Jan. 21, 2017. Savio students participated in the competitions of Pen calligraphy and Brush Chinese calligraphy.

 Prizes were awarded to the following students:

 Andrea Poblete & Julianna Wydra: The first place of the combination of Pen & Brush.


Laura Giron: The first place of Pen Calligraphy


Luis Quintanilla & Michelle Gallagher: The second place of Pen Calligraphy 

Victoria Bird, Samuel Buckley, Grace Maxwell: The third place of Pen Calligraphy 

Micaela Kuenstler, Z-Je Marcella: The second place of Brush Calligraphy 

Jalen Johnson, Peyton Kilburn, Jacob Hudson: The third place of Brush Calligraphy

Congratulations to all the students above!