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Savio Wins UTD Computer Science Tournament

November 02, 2015
By Admin

The St. Dominic Savio Computer Science Team attended its 2nd tournament this weekend at the University of Texas at Dallas.  The team competed against 73 other Novice teams, consisting of three members,  each of whom had 1 or less years of computer science experience. 

The team had three hours to complete five novice problems and could then use its remaining time to attack five advanced problems. They had to use a University computer but could use any programming language they wanted. A big scoreboard showed up-to-the-minute results as teams electronically submitted solutions that were tested against random inputs.  Each problem not only involved difficult coding, but required a complicated algorithm to make it work. 

As time went along, only Savio and one other team from Plano were able to complete the five novice problems and move on to the advanced problems. Savio finished three minutes faster, but were on the wrong end of the tiebreaker due to accumulated time penalties from incorrect submissions. With 30 minutes to go, each team had solved one of the advanced problems, and then the scoreboard went dark to prevent teams from knowing their place. Savio managed to get two more problems solved, but had no idea if it was good enough. The top three teams received individual trophies as well as a team trophy.  Tensions were high as the 3rd place team was announced, but we knew we had won after Plano got their 2nd place award.  Our team was called up to the front for pictures and the awarding of their 1st place trophies. 

Congratulations to our team,  Matthew Bianchi, Emily Shoemaker, and Jonathan Shoemaker.