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Senior Trip


Eligible members of the Class of 2017 were invited to attend the SEEK2017 Conference in San Antonio, TX on Jan 3-7, 2017 presented by FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students.

Our Senior SEEK2017 Experience


SEEK is an opportunity for our senior students to bond with their classmates for 5 days and 4 nights on a journey that will show them, among other things, how 13,000 college students from across the nation can and do live their faith. It lets them see and experience first-hand what their college experience could include! Simply, it exposes them to how college campus ministry can be engaging and fun before they head off to college, so they will be more likely to seek it out once they arrive.

What is SEEK?

SEEK is a dynamic faith conference that hosts the largest gathering of Catholic college students in the United States. High school seniors with a sponsored group are welcome to attend. Testimonials indicate that doing so increases the likelihood that they will involve themselves in Catholic campus ministry programs wherever they choose to go to college. Furthermore, on the 126 campuses where it is available, FOCUS, and FOCUS alums are more likely to embrace their faith personally and powerfully, living it out by becoming actively involved in  parishes when they graduate, launching them into lifelong Catholic mission as they begin their professional lives.

Headline Comedian Michael Jr.

Michael Jr.

Savio 2015 Senior Reflections

"Before going to this conference, I was completely lost in my faith life. I was at the lowest point I've been in a while, and I had no idea what to believe regarding God. SEEK opened up so many doors for me, it gave me a desire to believe again."

"Confession isn't me asking Jesus for another chance but it's Jesus asking me for another chance to work in my life"

"God created us to receive His love... I realized all I have to do is let Him love me and my life will fall into place. I don't need to keep searching for physical or emotional intimacy and comfort in relationships any longer ...Christ loved me enough to die for me and wants to know the secrets of my heart.  I hope everyone can come to this realization someday. We are beings made for an eternal love!"

"SEEK was a great conference because I was able to choose talks that were relevant to my life and I was re-ignited in my faith in Christ."

"SEEK was a huge part of my formation, especially after I was recently confirmed. It really helped me to discover God in many ways that I had not even thought of before. For the first time in forever I really feel on fire for God. "


Senior Trip Organizer


Mrs. Alanna Heyl

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