St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School

Faith Life

Faith Life

Servant Leadership

Our goal at St. Dominic Savio is to form well-rounded individuals ready to succeed after high school, in college, and beyond.  Christ's sacrifice on the cross is our model of how to make good decisions, treat one another with love and respect, and to serve those in need.  More than this, we recognize that Christ is the source of strength and grace for all those created in His image and likeness.  Christ is the perfect human who perfects our humanity.

Our vision for our school is "Forming Servant Leaders in the Image of Christ."  To truly live as a Servant Leader with the heart of Christ is the goal our students, faculty and staff strive for each day.  We believe that:

With prayerful consideration and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a Servant Leader recognizes and fulfills needs in a loving and selfless manner, and motivates others to act as well.

Whether it is saying hello to one another as they walk down the hall or cleaning up after themselves at lunch, St. Dominic Savio students are actively seeking to become true servant leaders - with Christ as their model and strength.